Success Stories

We understand going to the dentist can be scary, but don’t worry,
we’ve created beautiful smiles for thousands of people.

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Braces & Invisalign

A music teacher’s transformation

“A childhood illness that left a mark on my teeth”

kate-after 1
kate-before 1

When Kate finished her teaching degree, she moved to the Gold Coast for her dream job. Fixing her smile was first on the to do list.

After a successful orthodontic treatment, new porcelain restorations recovered Kate’s natural, beautiful smile. We love seeing Kate for her 6 monthly regular maintenance and hearing her continuing success in all areas of life!

Braces to a better smile


Like so many teenagers, this high-schooler was very conscious of her teeth. Needless to say, she is all smiles now after 18 months of braces!

More than a pretty smile


While it may not be obvious, this young lady had multiple issues – shifting bite, a damaged molar, trauma induced discolouration of the front tooth and a very narrow upper jaw. Successfully, all issues were resolved with orthodontics and restorations at the end. The whole family now sees us as their dentist!

Porcelain Crowns & Restorations

Embarrassed mother of two

“I really want to get back to being fit again now”


For this busy mum, the teeth troubles seem to creep up very slowly. When she noticed her personality changing from being bubbly to quiet over a couple of years, she knew that these teeth were affecting more than just eating.

Getting her confidence back with her front teeth started her on a health kick! Now with the little ones at school, this mother of two embarked on a fitness journey beyond the smiles. We love seeing her progress whenever she comes in with her kids or for her maintenance visits.

A travelling retiree

“I’ve always been too busy”


For decades, this travelling business man worked hard for his family. Understandably, he never really had any time to think about his own health or his teeth that were on a slow decline.

Now retired, this happy father and a husband does entirely different kind of travels with his wife! The best thing is that he doesn’t have to worry about the teeth falling out at the wrong time. Permanent restorations for the missing teeth were able to replace the partial dentures. No “moving parts” in the mouth any more!

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